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98th Meridian

What is the 98th Meridian?

The 98th Meridian is different.

The 98th Meridian, which runs through  Austin Texas, is the longitude line separating East and West. Just as the 98th Meridian represents a demarcation where the landscape changes, 98th Meridian Advanced Financial Perspectives (MAP) represents a new frontier of life insurance design, placement, and solutions for our clients.


Product knowledge is now a commodity and no longer drives differentiation. We must go further to find an edge. Our fundamental belief is our rigorous discipline enables us to be imaginative.

Discipline and hard work generate insight. Curiosity and imagination drive us to look beyond the ordinary to achieve lasting success for our clients.

Securing a fortified financial future is about finding value where it is hard to identify. Looking one hundred and eighty degrees out from our peers and deeper permeates everything we do. We are very clear about our strengths and focused on our core capabilities.

Three key disciplines anchor our firm’s decision-making:


We debate, discuss, agree, and differ. This leads to well-informed perspectives on planning strategies. Candor is also at the heart of our client relationships. We are committed to clear communication and transparency to inspire trust with our clients.


In our thinking and in our strategic expression through our planning strategies. For us, totality does not just mean the ability to look at different financial products. It is about a broad range of inputs, including economic policies, family dynamics, and technological change, which influence the multi-generational landscape we plan for.


By looking deeper and deciphering, we can find value not obvious at the surface. Our team not only seeks to mitigate risk but to assess the nature of that risk over time and across various planning strategies. This sophisticated insight drives confidence in various planning techniques and evaluations.



Families & Businesses

We work directly with families and businesses to provide purpose-driven  life insurance solutions. 

Advisor to the Advisor

As advisors to the advisors, we integrate with the client’s existing professional advisory team to enhance not only the outcome, but the client experience.

Family Office Services

Family Offices have complex insurance needs. We work to fulfill those needs by designing efficient and effective solutions that maximize the transfer of wealth across multiple generations.



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Luke Byars

Luke Byars heads a risk management team focused on wealth planning for families and businesses. He specializes in the design, evaluation, and implementation of various multi-generational wealth transfer structures that utilize life insurance product(s). He creates sensitivity analysis that help clients and their tax and legal advisors better understand possible outcomes related to specific product types and structures.

Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities LLC (PAS), Financial Representative of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY. This material is intended for general use. By providing this content Park Avenue Securities LLC and your financial representative are not undertaking to provide investment advice or make a recommendation for a specific individual or situation, or to otherwise act in a fiduciary capacity.   





901 S. Mopac Expy, Barton Oaks IV Ste 150, Austin, Tx 78646

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