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Bryan Schick

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Mr. Schick brings 20 years of experience designing solutions for clients in the insurance and reinsurance markets, working in both nationally recognized life insurance distribution companies and direct life insurance product manufacturers. Bryan has extensive experience in cross-border transactions, including the establishment of offshore insurance vehicles and the launch of an international life insurance division.


Bryan has an intimate knowledge of the drivers of value in both the banking and insurance sectors. His years of experience in risk analysis, design structure, and relationship management drives 98th MAP to create solutions that meet the needs of the insureds, while ensuring strict alignment of interests between all parties.

Financial Representative of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY. This material is intended for general use. By providing this content The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and your financial representative are not undertaking to provide advice or make a recommendation for a specific individual or situation, or to otherwise act in a fiduciary capacity.

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